Gas Logs

Looking to convert your home fireplace into a more convenient and cost-effective method of heating? Gas Logs along with a Gas Fireplace is the ultimate choice for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly source of heat. With modern technologies, you can have a gas log fire that looks almost exactly like a real wood burning fire without the soot and ash of a traditional wood burning setup. If you are considering a gas log system, Will’s All Pro is San Antonio’s premier Gas Fireplace Log experts ready to install your gas fireplace system into your existing fireplace. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians arrive at your door on time and professionally install the necessary gas line for the conversion, to either a vented log system or a closed damper system.

Experience the Convenience of a Gas Log Fireplace

We are experts in San Antonio heating repair, maintenance, & installation services. So, if you are looking for a company you can trust to get the job done, you can always count on us. By calling Will’s All Pro, we provide multiple options of gas log fireplaces to suit your specific needs. If you are looking for a closed damper system, we are experts in the differences and what’s available.

Of course, if you have an existing fireplace and want to install a gas line for a vented gas log system, we understand every step in the gas fireplace installation process and can safely equip your home with a new gas log fireplace in a matter of hours if you choose one of our Gas Fireplaces that we have in stock.

Will’s All Pro also offers many custom and high-end gas fireplace choices depending on your needs and desires. We are also able to provide high-quality gas fire log repair service (such as pilot light repair, gas leaks, gas fireplace remote control repair, gas fireplace electrical system repair, and more) for homeowners already utilizing gas fire logs and gas fireplace systems.

Real Fyre Premium Gas Log Fireplace Systems

At Will’s All Pro, we sell Real Fyre premium gas log fireplace systems by RH Peterson. These systems are top of the line and built to last so that you will have convenient and comforting fireplace heating for the long haul.

Our Best Selling Gas Log Systems

Once you find the gas fireplace log model you like, please call us to find availability and installation time.

Real Fyre “Classic Series” Gas Log Systems

Classic Gas Log Series

For a classic look, Real Fyre created the classic gas log series. This series includes 6 unique and classic gas log fireplace models to choose from.

Real Fyre “Charred Series” Gas Log Fireplaces

Charred Gas Log Series

For a resilient charred look, the Charred Series offers great systems. Real Fyre created 17 unique charred designs for its charred series.

Real Fyre “Designer Series” Gas Logs

Designer Gas Logs

For a classic look, Real Fyre created the classic series. This series includes 6 unique and classic gas log fireplace models to choose from.

Professional Gas Log Maintenance and Repair Service

For homeowners who already have a Gas Log fireplace, make sure to keep it running at its optimal performance. Each year you should have a certified professional inspect and check your gas log system’s

  • Valves
  • Gas Lines
  • Connections
  • and Safety Pilot Assembly

This rule is especially important for those who use their gas log fireplace frequently. It is also recommended by the Hearth, Patio, and Barbeque Association (HPBA) to have your chimney inspected and cleaned professionally on an annual basis. This prevents the build-up of soot from causing ventilation problems and extends the life of your gas log fireplace.

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