Heating Repair Services

Will’s All Pro Plumbing, Heating & Air has been in the heating repair business since 1972 and always employs certified heating technicians that will provide you with the highest level of service & expertise available. Your heater is a very important piece of equipment once the weather gets cold, and you should not wait until the first signs of winter to get your heater checked, diagnosed and repaired. Waiting could mean enduring uncomfortable cold indoor temperatures and spending money on costly heater repairs which could have been avoided.

Professional Heating Repair

We provide a full array of heating repair and maintenance services including furnace repair and installation. When we check your heater or HVAC unit we will:

  • Make sure the pilot light is functioning correctly
  • Oil the motor and moving parts
  • Calibrate the Thermostat
  • Check the Temperature Sensor
  • Check the Vents for Proper Airflow
  • Check the Gas Pressure and Gas Leaks
  • Inspect and Replace the Service Valves
  • Clean the Heat Exchanger and Burners
  • Check and Replace your Furnace Filter
  • Check for Carbon Monoxide

Will’s All Pro also offers a full line of Gas Log Fireplace Repair Service to the San Antonio area.

Heating Services

Here are just a few of the heating services we can provide:

  • Check pilot light
  • Lubricate indoor motor
  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Check for proper venting of heating system
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check service valves
  • Check and clean heat exchanger
  • Check temperature sensor
  • Check and clean burners
  • Check furnace filters
  • Inspect heating system for gas leaks
  • Inspect heating system for carbon monoxide
  • Full Heating System Tune up & Maintenance
  • We service electric heaters and gas heaters

If you decide you don’t need preventative services before the start of the season, be vigilant in your observations of your heater. If it starts making loud or odd noises or pumping cooler than normal air, give us a call right away. The second way to save money on your heater repair bill is by catching small problems early. Each part in your furnace works with every other part. That means that when one part starts to fail or fails, it could affect other parts and increase the cost of the repair.

Heating Installation Specialists

In certain cases, you may require heating installation (HVAC installation) services to replace your old broken heater. We install new heating systems, new water heaters and more. New HVAC systems are power-smart and can pay you back quickly in energy savings. Our trained staff can help you choose the right system for your home or business, and we can get it installed quickly and to the highest standards. Both electric and gas systems are safe in the capable hands of our well-trained technicians.

Our heater installation service is careful, expert, quick and effective. We won’t slow down repairs with unnecessary wait-times on parts. Our commercial customers especially appreciate our speedy response and repairs. We always travel with the necessary equipment.

With a new heating system installation from our experts, you will reduce your energy costs, have cleaner indoor air and head off any preventable problems. All while staying comfortable during a cold Winter!

Maybe you want to run your HVAC unit a little less this winter and are considering converting your fireplace into a new gas log system. Will’s All Pro team has years of experience installing gas log fireplaces in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Choose the right system for your home and we will have installed quickly and for a very reasonable price.

Heating System Maintenance Checkups

Regular heating system maintenance, in addition to keeping your family safe, will also save you money. Major HVAC system repairs can be costly. Having regular inspections and maintenance done can prevent major problems from developing.

Every heater, electric or gas, should be checked for operation prior to Winter, sometime in the Fall. Just because your heater worked last year doesn’t mean it’s in good condition this year. It could have worn parts, a gas leak, dirty heating elements or a malfunctioning thermostat, and the time to find these problems is not when the overnight temperatures drop below 40 degrees. In addition to your comfort and safety, performing heater maintenance with Fall checkups can help your budget too. The best way to save money is to catch problems before they exist by finding any potential issues before you begin heavy usage with your heating system.

Our technician was friendly, polite and did the work in a great amount of time! I Would use them again and will definitely tell family and friends!

Stephanie V.

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