WILL'S ALLPRO TIP: Clean all plates off and scrape into the waste basket versus the drain.

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Turkey Day Tips for Drains

Some Helpful Tips that all Homeowners can do Themselves

  1. Clean all plates off and scrape into the waste basket VS the drain
  2. Grease will stick to all surfaces and pips systems
  3. Do not pour turkey oils and fats down drain bag it up and put into trash
  4. When you peel potatoes do not put peels down drain system. They will not chop up they will coagulate and stick to the insides of the pipes
  5. Any type of starchy foods need to be put into trash
  6. Always run cold water if you do scrape plates into disposal it allows the fats to be chopped up versus cooling down the pipe system and solidifying down the pipes.

Hydro-jetting - Tough clogs and buildup don’t stand a chance against the high-pressure hose used in hydro jetting. Just like it sounds, a hose with a special nozzle will send a powerful force of pressurized water through your pipes, clearing out your clogged drain and anything in its way. A plumber will usually create a clean-out, or opening, to allow the clog and buildup to be cleared out from the pipe.

Some of the main benefits of hydro jetting include:

  • Eliminates clogs in a flash – With high-pressure water shooting through your pipes, the clogs will be cleared out fast.
  • Removes dangerous blocks – The power of the pressurized water can even clear out tree roots and other serious blocks when necessary.
  • Versatile solutions for all types of pipes – No matter the type of pipes you have, hydro jetting can get the job done and get it done effectively.
  • Clears out pipe walls – Hydro jetting gets to the root of the problem: grease and pipe wall buildup. It can eliminate minerals, grease, and more.

Call (210) 734-8400 today to schedule service!

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