Outdoor Kitchens

When it comes to our environments and our homes, most people prefer areas that are visually stimulating, as opposed to visually unappealing environments. Now what is is visually appealing to someone may not ring true for the next Tom, Dick or Harry, but that’s OK. The same can be said about outdoor kitchens, your tastes and preferences may not be the same or even similar to another person’s tastes. That is why Will’s All Pro is happy to custom design your very own (uniquely you) outdoor kitchen.

Unique Outdoor Kitchens

Our outdoor kitchens go beyond just a charcoal barbecue grill hastily thrown on the patio with a couple of lawn chairs. These kitchen’s will completely change the way you entertain. Throwing backyard BBQs and spending quality time with friends and family is just one of the reasons that an outdoor kitchen would be the perfect addition to your home. Not only does a custom made outdoor kitchen create the perfect oasis from the tedious tasks of everyday life, but it can also create value for your property. Outdoor kitchens spark the interest in potential buyers if you were to put your home on the market, so an outdoor kitchen is a great investment even if you plan on selling your house down the road. Perhaps the best feature of an outdoor kitchen in San Antonio, aside from the aesthetically pleasing dining area you’ve created, is the fact that you don’t have to worry about the inside kitchen cleanup or the white hot-truth of your indoor kitchen becoming a virtual oven when you’re cooking. Let’s get cooking (building) your new custom outdoor kitchen, so you can start reaping the benefits as soon as possible.

When building your custom outdoor kitchen there are many different aspects of the project where you can choose exactly what you want.

Custom Brick, Stone, And Wood Work

To build an outdoor kitchen that is stylish, functional, and durable we must first start with the bones of the operation: the foundation. The foundation of your outdoor kitchen is just as important as what type of grill, counter space, and other accessories you want to add to your outdoor kitchen. At Will’s All Pro we create superior outdoor kitchens by first beginning with your choice of premier custom brick, stone, or wood work to create the outdoor grilling space of your dreams. Create a backyard oasis by using organic materials like wood and stone on the countertops, while leaving enough space to plant lush tropical foliage and trees as a canopy for your guests to catch some shade under. You can create a modern dining area where your guests can dine al fresco, with angular stone structures, crisp clean lines, and stainless steel appliances. Once you’ve designed the foundation for your outdoor kitchen with one of our expert design team members, you’ll be able to move on to the next part of this fun project: adding the bells and whistles: the grill(gas or charcoal), appliances, and other features you will want to showcase in your one of a kind San Antonio outdoor kitchen.

Custom Appliances, Grills, & More

Now that the bones have been laid for your premier outdoor kitchen, it’s time to create a custom kitchen that fits all of your specifications. A couple features that many people overlook when they are building an outdoor kitchen is adding a fridge and/or a sink.Will’s All Pro is able to plumb sinks into your outdoor kitchen. For some this may sound like a no brainer, for others it might seem like more of a hassle. If you think an added sink and/or fridge would just be a hassle if added to your San Antonio outdoor kitchen, consider this. You’ve just put RAW meat on the grill, now you need to go wash your hands, so you run back into the indoor kitchen to wash your hands. You come back outside to join your guests, and you notice one of your guest’s drink is empty. You offer to replace it, meaning you have to run back inside to grab a cold one. Now THAT sounds like a hassle. Outdoor living is supposed to be easy, fun, and relaxed. Make it easy on yourself by having one of our expert technicians install a sink and state of the art fridge into your custom outdoor kitchen. And of course you can’t grill without the grill! Make sure to choose one of our superior gas or charcoal grills to really get the party cooking.

Furniture, Umbrellas, & Covered Areas

Making sure that your guests have somewhere comfortable to sit, that’s also visually appealing is the finishing ingredient in making the San Antonio outdoor kitchen of your dreams come true. Choose from bar seating, dining room style seating, and more when you create your custom outdoor kitchen by us. And don’t forget to shade your guests. The hot Texas sun can sometimes be unbearable, so make sure your guest are left cool in the shade. Umbrellas featured right on tables are great for shading guests while they eat. You can also create a one of a kind experience with  tiki hut style covered areas or sophisticated gazebos, that will make your guests never want to leave. Whatever your style is, we aim to please and we never miss our mark.



Financing With Will’s All Pro

At Will’s All Pro, we believe your outdoor kitchen in San Antonio is one of the best things you can do for your home, your family and friends, and yourself. By investing in an outdoor kitchen you’ll be able to enjoy the things you love (quality time with friends and family, good food, a cold one…) all from the comfort of your back yard. We want to make sure that you create a custom outdoor kitchen that you’ll want to show off to everyone. Financing with us is a breeze and we make it easy for you to work with us, so we can create your perfect outdoor kitchen without cutting any corners. If you’re ready to start planning, designing, and building the best outdoor kitchen you can dream of, call Will’s All Pro today. When you call us we will be able to schedule a  consultation to discuss any further questions you may have about designing and financing your San Antonio outdoor kitchen.

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