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Will’s All Pro Plumbing and Air Conditioning technicians have extensive knowledge of the mechanics behind plumbing systems. If you are needing more than just a simple plumbing repair and require replacement pipes, connectors, or fixtures, our technicians can advise you on a variety of budget friendly options.

PEX Piping

Recently, there has been a rise in the use of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) piping to replace copper & PVC in plumbing systems. Some estimates have indicated that residential use of PEX for delivering drinking water to fixtures and faucets have increased by 40% annually. PEX piping holds many advantages over metal & PVC. It has been showing a wide range of benefits for use in residential and commercial plumbing applications as the dominant medium for transporting potable water. If you’re planning a plumbing replacement job, continue reading to learn a few more benefits of PEX.

Benefits of PEX Piping:

One of the biggest benefits of PEX pipe is its inherent flexibility, which allows fewer connections to be used, greatly reducing the time and cost of the installation process. Fewer connections and more direct routing means PEX pipe will deliver a higher water pressure to your fixtures & faucets. Other benefits of PEX piping include:

  • Can be integrated with existing copper and PVC plumbing systems
  • Reduced fire hazard during installation – no soldering required
  • Does not corrode like metal pipes
  • Expected lifetime of 50 years
  • Good for hot and cold piping

Our technicians will always show you the benefits of our workmanship warranty for any and all replacements that we do. No matter what the component, from installing water softeners to PEX piping, we are happy to assist!

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