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How Can You Keep Your AC Cooling?

How to Save Time & Money

Like your vehicle, your air conditioning system is a complicated machine with a simple purpose. Keeping it in tune will help your family stay cool and comfortable all Summer!

Things You Can Do at Home

Keep grass away from your outdoor unit. – The outdoor system needs to be clear and free of brush, vegetation, and other obstructions. The unit needs to be able to breath and have fresh clean air to help keep the system cool. Always turn off outdoor unit while cutting grass this will help with any debris getting into the outdoor coils.

Clean Your Drains. – The indoor drain system needs to be inspected and an additive added when you are changing the filters. We recommend you add bleach to the line by using a measuring cup (don’t use for food anymore) and pour into the drain system to help clean the drain lines.

Change Your Filters Monthly. Make sure that you install a new fresh filter every month. We recommend a filter with a MERV rating of 8 to 11. Do not go over 11 due to air flow restrictions that could cause major damages to your system and costly repairs. The higher the MERV rating, the more particulates the filter will remove.

What Your AllPro Professional Will Do

Keep Your AC in Tune. – Like your vehicle, your air conditioner requires seasonal tune-ups for maximum performance and the prevention of system failure during the coming HOT season. Call AllPro to schedule your tune-up today.

Your tune-up includes, but is not limited to:

  • Check system freon pressures
  • Inspect all electrical components to ensure they are within range
  • Inspect the compressor and the amp draw
  • Clean the outdoor unit from all debris that will wash away
  • Inspect the indoor unit coils and check for leaks
  • Treat the drain system and make sure its cleaned out
  • Clean out the air return box if applicable
  • Change filters if home owner has replacements
  • Inspect all duct work in the attic to make sure no air loss
  • Evaluate efficiency of the system to ensure you are not overpaying for cooling bills

Call (210) 926-5613 today to schedule your seasonal maintenance!


The last thing you want to hear is that you need a new AC system or some other big ticket item but don’t have enough in your “Rainy Day” account for this particular emergency. Apply today for financing options, available with approved credit.

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