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San Antonio Water Heater Repair and Maintenance Service

We usually don’t realize how much we use hot water in our daily lives until we are forced to go without it. Your home’s hot water heater works hard to keep the hot water flowing when you need it. Like any other appliance, your water heater requires periodic maintenance to ensure it gives you a lifetime of proper performance.

Will’s All Pro’s technicians are trained to maintain, repair and/or replace all makes and models of San Antonio water heaters. The recommendation to repair or replace your hot water heater will be based on factors such as, your water use, the capacity and age of existing units, and the nature of all existing damage. If you are using an old an inefficient water heater, then you could be adding unnecessary costs on to your utility bill, not to mention the frustration caused by an ineffective hot water heater.

Protect Your Hot Water Heater With A Thermal Expansion Tank

If you really want to protect your hot water heater you should consider having a Thermal Expansion Tank installed. Thermal expansion is what happens when the internal temperature of your water heater rises and the water molecules begin to expand. When the water in the tank expands the tank is forced to expand with it and that’s when problems occur. When dangerously high pressures build up in a water heater, internal parts begin to fail, such as the internal fittings, flues, or water connections. Call the San Antonio water heater specialists at Will’s All Pro Plumbing if you are interested in an Expansion Tank or if you would like an inspection to make sure everything is functioning as it should.


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