Sprinkler System Problems

Sprinkler system problems can happen that’s why you should call Will’s All Pro. Will’s All Pro is one of the most recognizable names in sprinkler services in San Antonio. We have a world-class team of sprinkler installation and repair technicians dedicated to superior service and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction to help you resolve your sprinkler system problems. No matter the time of year, our San Antonio sprinkler technicians are ready to diagnose and repair any issue that might make your sprinkler system not work as it should.

Common Sprinkler System Problems

Clogged Sprinkler Heads – As one of the most common problems that affect San Antonio sprinkler systems, clogged sprinkler heads are also one of the easiest problems to remedy. A clogged sprinkler head can be identified by an uneven spray pattern, a weakened or reduced spray volume, or simply no water delivery at all. Many times, water will begin to pool around the clogged head. Common reasons sprinkler heads become clogged are numerous but oftentimes grass trimmings, dirt, and other debris makes their way into the nozzles and become trapped. The fact that the system is under pressure makes no difference. Eventually, some (or all) sprinkler heads will become clogged. Fortunately, they are usually pretty easy to clear and the maintenance can usually be completed by the homeowner. Clearing a clogged San Antonio sprinkler head can be as simple as using a small piece of stiff wire (such as a paperclip or even a push pin) to gently clear the small openings. Never force anything into the openings that won’t fit. This can cause damage to the openings that can result in uneven spray patterns. If manually clearing out the small openings doesn’t completely fix the problem, it may be necessary to remove the head and perform a more thorough cleaning.

Before disassembling the sprinkler head, be sure to turn your San Antonio sprinkler system off so as to release any water pressure. Lift the sprinkler head from the sleeve and unscrew it from the fixture. Next, soak the sprinkler head in warm water. Using a soft bristled brush, scrub the head and openings while making sure to get as much visible dirt and debris out of the sprinkler head as possible. Then, completely flush out any debris with running water. Before installing the head back into the system, be sure to clean out the sleeve by removing any grass and dirt. After replacement, test the system to ensure proper function.

Broken Sprinkler Heads – We’ve all seen what happens when a San Antonio sprinkler system sprinkler head gets damaged: geysers of water shooting high into the air as water accumulates around the area. Sprinkler head damage is usually the result of lawn mower blade contact, edging tool contact, or vandalism. Fortunately, a broken sprinkler head is very easy to fix and doesn’t take much time at all.

To replace a broken sprinkler head, turn your San Antonio sprinkler system off. Next, clean the area around the damaged sprinkler head of grass and dirt. Simply unscrew the sprinkler head from the sleeve and replace it with a new one. Once you install a new sprinkler head, adjustments may have to be made to ensure proper spray coverage. Depending on the model of your San Antonio sprinkler system, it may be necessary to dig a bit until you get to the riser (the vertical tube that connects the head and sleeve to the water supply line). Be sure the area is free of grass clippings, dirt, and other debris before you install a new sprinkler head. Should you need to purchase a new sprinkler head, it may be helpful to take the damaged head in with you to verify that the correct placement is purchased (while you’re at it, stock up on a few extra replacements!)

Excessive Height – San Antonio sprinkler system heads need to be at a proper height so as to avoid damage from lawn mowers (see above) and to avoid getting clogged. If your sprinkler heads are too high out of the ground, it may be necessary to manually dig out the dirt around and under the head so that it protrudes about 1/2″ above the surface. While digging the sod and dirt from around the sprinkler head, take care not to damage the water line underneath. Typically, this type of service should be completed by a San Antonio sprinkler system professional.

Stuck Valves – When the valves in your San Antonio sprinkler system become stuck, you’ll know it – the sprinklers will probably continue to operate even though the system is supposed to be shut off. Typically, some sort of debris has entered the system and has blocked the operation of one (or more) of the valves. Most times, shutting off the entire system and disassembling the valve is the only way to remedy the problem. Many systems are different and valve disassembly can be complicated (not to mention, disassembling the valves could void any warranties your San Antonio sprinkler system may be covered by). If you suspect stuck sprinkler system valves, contact Will’s All Pro to schedule an appointment.

Additional San Antonio Sprinkler System Repair Information

The above four sprinkler system problems are most likely the only problems you will encounter. However, your San Antonio sprinkler system is a bit more complicated, especially if you have multiple large yards. If you are having problems with your control panels, wiring, water delivery pipes, or backflow devices, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional San Antonio sprinkler system technician to help you.

Will’s All Pro is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our San Antonio sprinkler system technicians are trained to service and repair all major brands of sprinkler systems. We’ll get your sprinkler system back up and running right in no time.

In addition to our sprinkler system repair services, we also professionally install San Antonio sprinkler systems. We also overhaul old and worn out sprinkler systems using the best parts available. We can also

  • reprogram your sprinkler controller
  • repair and replace timers
  • install additional sprinkler heads
  • repair broken lines and valves
  • install or replace automatic rain freeze sensors
  • check the entire system for errors and problems
  • detect and repair damaged electrical wires
  • set up a custom sprinkler program(s)


We also offer San Antonio sprinkler system maintenance programs that help keep your sprinkler system working properly and find problems before they become costly repairs.

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