Water Heater Installation

Water heater installation is one of the most common home improvement projects new homeowners undertake- and most homeowners find that it’s one that is best left to the professionals. A properly selected appliance and a professional San Antonio water heater installation are two of the best investments you can make in your home.

Installing the Right Water Heater for your Home

Selecting the right water heater can save you hundreds of dollars in utility bills over the years. If you purchased your water heater more than 10 years ago or if you haven’t upgraded from the water heater your home’s previous owners installed, this is a great time to give us a call and let us guide you to a water heater that will meet your needs and also save you money.

Home appliance technology is constantly improving, and it’s likely that an efficient and cost-conscious San Antonio water heater is within your reach. You might be surprised at how much tankless and energy-efficient water heaters have improved since you last looked. Our qualified staff can help you select the right appliance and then perform the water heater installation for you; no need to waste a weekend in the utility closet! We’ll help you decide how to fuel your new heater, how much tank (if any) you need and how to insulate your water heater to save energy.

Have You Thought About A Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless Water Heater technology has improved greatly and can end up reducing your energy usage by delivering “on-demand” hot water to your faucets. Visit our Tankless Water Heater Page or call us for more information!

Professional Water Heater Installation Services

San Antonio water heater installations are one of the simplest home improvement projects- for a professional. Our years of experience in heating and plumbing mean that our staff understands your family’s water needs and space limitations and can make an accurate judgment on your home’s pipes. We make it look easy so that you don’t have to spend a Saturday finding out that it’s hard! With our expert water heater installation, once it is in place the only time you’ll think of your water heater is when you step into a hot shower.

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